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Luxury Real Estate Staging

Laurie Hartwell 

 ~Interior Designer ~

Model Homes ~ Visual Merchandising 

Our Pricing Structure for Staging Services:

In today's challenging economic environment,

we are all striving to give our offerings an edge over our competitors.

Today, more than ever, reputable business people need to work together to promote our products and services and maximize our opportunities.

If we champion each other, we will secure our positions in this difficult market and hopefully reap short and long term benefits.

Vacant Properties

Typically, one would think a vacant home would be easier to sell since there is no clutter, collections or furnishings to distract the buyer from the home. However, the reverse is true - when a home is vacant there is no place for the eye to rest and buyers often walk through unable to "connect" to the property . When staging properties we create a place for the eye to rest and for buyers to begin connecting emotionally with the space.

Creating that connection is the beginning of the sale.

People buy aspirationally... they buy how they want to live ...Even though they may never actually live that way. There are many beautiful homes on the market today. Unfortunately , the beautiful home that you built or have listed competes with another beautiful home just down the street.


The art of staging turns your home for sale into the most marketable product possible as we showcase your home, using our extensive collection of inventory, to appeal to the most prospective buyers enabling our/your clients to achieve excellent value for every hour and dollar invested.

Statistically a non-vacant home according to the National Association of Realtors sells 78% faster than a vacant one. U.S. Housing and Urban Development reports that a staged home will sell, on average, for 17% more money than an un-staged home.

Standard Rates

Our standard rate in Virginia is $750.00 per room staged, per Quarter.

We have a three room minimum, but have found that 4-5 rooms yields optimal results . Half due upon contact signing balance upon completion of staging. If the property does not sell with in the first three months, the renewal rate is one half the initial staging rate, due on the first day of each renewal period.

Limited Time Offer

For a limited time, and with approximately 4 "staging packages"

available to offer...

the full contract balance as well as any renewal fees may be paid upon CLOSING of the property.

Packages issued on a first come first served basis, so please call if this is of interest to you or your client. Email or phone for more details or with any questions, [email protected]

I would also be glad to explain staging benefits as well as my proposal directly to your client if you deem valuable if you are a REALTOR

acting on behalf of your Client.