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Luxury Real Estate Staging

Laurie Hartwell 

 ~Interior Designer ~

Model Homes ~ Visual Merchandising 

Now offering

"Senior Transitions"

Unfortunately, we have all, or will at some point in our lives be forced to accept and deal with the fact that our parent or loved one would be healthier or happier in an alternate living arrangement or can no longer care for themselves as they once did. It is all a part of life. We shouldn't have to fear that day. Hartwell Design can transform that uncertain time in ones life into a happy and exciting transition for all involved.

Whether it is a temporary move from a hospital stay to a rehabilitation facility, or a permanent move from a home they may have lived in for over 50 years, to a long term care facility. Hartwell Design has the experience and expertise to help you with that transition.

Initial Consultation:

All facilities have their own set of rules and regulations, what is allowed and accepted in your loved ones new room or suite, and what is not. It is my responsibility to research those requirements for you, and ensure compliance without upset... one less thing for you to be concerned with at this overwhelming time of change.

Hartwell Design knows the colors, the fabrics, the appliances and cosmetics... most importantly the words and terminology that should be used... and those that should never be used in creating their new environment.

The range of emotions is broad ...from unwilling and afraid,

to angry, belligerent and in denial.

You, as their caretaker, will need to overcome all of those feelings, let someone

with experience and compassion handle the logistics.

Hartwell Design, Inc will make this transition

as seamless as possible for all involved.