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Luxury Real Estate Staging

Laurie Hartwell 

 ~Interior Designer ~

Model Homes ~ Visual Merchandising 

Vignette Staging

Hartwell Design also offers vignette style staging.

Vignette staging is home staging in its simplest form.

The key is to create just the right mood in just the right places of a home with just a few pieces of furniture and accessories.

Choosing items that speak to as many buyers’ personalities as possible and placing them where maximum impact will be achieved is sure to reap great rewards.

Light, sound, color and a few creature comforts transform a

vacant house into a “home” with minimal expense to the seller.

As buyers enter a house, they immediately form an opinion;

so let that opinion be one that is warm and fuzzy feeling

to ensure that buyers have a chance to get excited about what

lies beyond the front door.

If the home has an entry hall, placing art or a floral arrangement

in the space is a perfect way to greet buyers.

Clear floor space is always essential so if the space is cramped,

opt for the art rather than the accent table and floral arrangement.

A perfect focal point for vignette staging is a chair, side table,

lamp and plant or floral arrangement.

Place the seating area where it will make the most impact, usually where it can be seen from the front door.

Add a beautiful pillow, a soft throw and use soft lighting that can be left on day and evening to meet all buyers.

A timer to control the hours the lamp is on makes for easy maintenance.

You can add artwork or an indoor tree to complete the scene.

Towels, simple accent items, and floral arrangements transform any bathroom into a retreat.

Keep things simple but luxurious.

Add a bit of color to the kitchen too, even the most gorgeous kitchens can benefit from the softness of a bowl of fruit and the

coziness of a favorite cookbook.

These soft touches can really make a tremendous difference.

It is such a joy to see how these simple additions to a vacant house make

such a powerful impact on buyer’s emotions.

Staging with Vignettes

There are a variety of staging solutions for every home and budget. An experienced stager will be able to work with sellers to find the appropriate balance between the cost to the home seller and the impressions of the house created for the home buyer.

When staging vacants, the industry standard is to spend 1% of the home’s value on a 3 month staging.

While many clients understand that staging is an investment that will yield far more than a 1% return either through a higher offer from the buyer or less time on the market – or both, some sellers simply cannot make that type of investment.

We work with all types of sellers and understand their needs.

A great solution to a tight staging budget is to stage using vignettes.

A vignette is a small visual element that provides context to an area. Vignettes can be used in secondary rooms, such as basements, kids bedrooms, offices, those odd spaces in kitchens that don’t really have a purpose, etc. Vignettes typically help to define the purpose of the space, but also provide some spacial context to a empty room.

Vignettes can be very effective and are easy to put together. The possibilities are endless, but the idea is always to "set the scene" for the buyer to envision enjoying the home.

Vignette Staging Portfolio: